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What we offer
You can have a regular weekly set of 2 hours to play your pre-recorded show 52 weeks of the year.
You can have your own profile page so you can advertise your events and upcoming shows.
Your event flyer(s) will also be added to the events section of the site.
All your shows are covered under our PRS Royalties account and our dues are paid in full.

What are the rules?
We offer a mature but decent service. which means that you have a free run to do your show as long as it is not indecent, vulgar, racist or in any way used to do harm to anyone who is participating. We do not politicize our shows and we do not disrespect any figures of authority. We are here for the music and that is all we are interested in. If your content is found to go against our rules of conduct your show will be suspended pending further investigation and if you have been found in breach of the rules of conduct your show will be cancelled and your membership fee will be forfeited.

What is it going to cost?
We have a one-off yearly membership rate of £52. This is collected upfront on a yearly basis and entitles you to have your show aired 52 times a year.

What happens if I do not record my show for my set in time to be aired?
We reserve the right to play any previously recorded show at your allocated set time. this allows us consistency in our shows and also ensures that you get what you paid for. If you want to upload a single show and have that play for 52 weeks of the year then that is ok with us.

How do I sign up?
Just submit your details and pay for your membership below. If you have any further questions you can email us or call us on the support number in your welcome pack.

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